Preterm labor contractions. Information about Labour in the free online Tamil dictionary. In some cases, it may lead to preterm birth . One exception: In Australia, the American spelling is used in reference to the Australian Labor Party. Learn more. labor definition: 1. US spelling of labour 2. the Labor Party, an Australian political party that believes in social…. The word coolie was first popularized in the 16th century by European traders across Asia, and by the 18th century would refer to migrant Indian or Chinese laborers, and by the 19th century, would gain a new definition of the systematic shipping and hiring of Asian workers under contract on plantations that had been formerly worked by enslaved Africans. Sumangali is a form of child labour which, although forbidden, is practised in India, particularly the textile industry in Tamil Nadu.It is likened to soft trafficking, a less explicit form of human trafficking.In the scheme, a girl is hired on contract for three to five years, during which she earns a wage, and after which she is paid a lump sum to pay for a dowry. Definition of Labour in the Online Tamil Dictionary. Cost Of Labor: The cost of labor is the sum of all wages paid to employees, as well as the cost of employee benefits and payroll taxes paid by an employer. What do preterm labor contractions feel like? See more. You might be having preterm labor contractions if you have the following signs. Find more Tamil words at! These regular and true labor/birth contractions occur before the pregnancy reaches full-term (before 37 weeks). There is no difference in meaning between labor and labour. 2. Belabor definition, to explain, worry about, or work at (something) repeatedly or more than is necessary: He kept belaboring the point long after we had agreed. Tamil Translations of Labour. ‘Labor's Trade Spokesman Stephen Conroy has denied that Labor has caved in.’ ‘I was joined a short time ago by Labor's Foreign Affairs Spokesman, Kevin Rudd.’ ‘In the Senate, Labor's John Faulkner asked for an explanation.’ ‘Concisely, here is the problem: Labor is the party of the Left.’ False labor definition: irregular contractions of the uterus prior to actual labor and without accompanying... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Meaning of Labour. The Tamil for labor union is தொழிலாளர் தொழிற்சங்க. Most of the effacement happens in the early stage of labor, when your cervix is dilating from 0 to 6 centimeters. In all other contexts, Australians use labour. Labor is the preferred spelling in American English, and labour is preferred throughout the rest of the English-speaking world.

labor meaning in tamil

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